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Ah... Heya! Name's Sayaka Miki. I guess you could call me a traveler. Yeah, do so! It has a nice ring to it! I'm a normal girl, but I'm always looking forward to know more of the world and get stronger. Meanwhile, I want to get to know people and... protect them if it comes to that. Is that weird to say? Anyhow... nice to meet you.

((Independant Roleplay Blog for: Sayaka Miki, from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Mainly crossover-oriented, but willing to try RPing with anyone~ Starters made now by request, don't be afraid to send me something if you want to RP!

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Sayaka stretched as she left the train. She had been in for an unknown amount of time, and her body hurt slightly, but nevertheless, she was there. The city itself seemed weird, but it was said to be in the highest tier of developing technology in the East. From whom she heard that, though? No matter what she did, she couldn’t remember. She was just sure she was there now.


It was obviously a very military-oriented reproduction of the famous city, and therefore not the best place to take a stroll. But military knowledge could have its uses, major or minor scale. Besides, seeing how people managed to live in such a place was sure to be an experience. And Sayaka could defend herself if needed.

With that in mind, she ventured through the streets, looking all about her. She didn’t know where she was going, but she’d be getting somewhere for sure.

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    Sayaka nodded. "Well, then! See you, Jack!" At least she was sure that he could reach her no matter where she went....
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    "For now. Have a good one!"